Classic rules – and yet a different game.

birch wooden tiles,
back-side: beech wood, front side veneered with seven woods: maple,
beech, oak, alder, ash, fir, pine. 28 tiles ca. 9 cm x 9 cm
Of course you know MEMORY – but do you also know local trees?
This memory game is different from other games of its kind. Instead of cardboard and colorful pictures, this game features birch wooden tiles, which are veneered in seven native German woods: maple, beech, oak, alder, ash, fir, pine. On each tile you can find the tree or leaf of the respective species.

Thus, apart from memorizing the position of the tiles, players must be able to distinguish beech from alder and fir from pine. In a playful way, players are effortlessly memorizing local trees, whose forms, leaves and even wood characteristics are easily remembered and help to improve general knowledge skills. The familiarity with local nature also helps to have an orientation in life and contact to natural surroundings.

Younger players – the game is recommended for ages 5 and older – often have an advantage. But that doesn’t have to stay this way. With some experience, grown-ups have a chance to win this game, too.

Forest-Memory is part of the new family games series by intellego holzspiele.
Each game is manufactured in Germany and made of selected woods.