SUDOKU – the wooden board game

The basic rules to solve a Sudoku are simple:
In each row, column and sub-square, a number may be placed but once. From a mathematical point of view there are more than five billion possibilities to create a Sudoku. However, there is only one correct solution to each puzzle.

The trendy game is now available in classic and precious design made of beech and maple. Beautifully designed counters replace paper, pencil and eraser. The board offers a clear overview and smooth exchange of the counters. This game has a registered design protection.

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Beech wooden board,
29 x 29 cm, 9 x 9 squares, 81 colored Sudoku counters
made of maple wood, printed with
gold-colored numbers on one side.

Beech wooden board,
29 x 29 cm, 9 x 9 squares
81 natural-colored, double-sided Sudoku counters made of maple
Each game is manufactured from selected lumbers from Germany. With its matte painting and fine polishing, the smooth surface of the wooden board reflects the natural wild growth of the tree. Each wooden board is a unique item with its own particular, characteristic material.

However, besides all the individuality, they all have one thing in common: intellego holzspiele only delivers games that meet our high quality and safety standards.