Columns become radial rays, rows become circular paths

Columns are replaced by radial rays and rows are replaced by circular paths. The magical squares of the original game become clearly marked segments.

On each ray, leading outwards from the center of the board, on each circular path and in each segment, a figure may only appear once. In this game, too, there is only one correct solution to each puzzle.

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beech wooden board,
diameter 60 cm,
81 colored, one-sided Sudoku counters
made of maple.
Beech wooden board game, diameter 60 cm,
81 natural-colored, double-sided
Sudoku counters made of maple.

Each game is manufactured from selected lumbers from Germany. With its matte painting and fine polishing, the smooth surface of the wooden board reflects the natural wild growth of the tree. Each wooden board is a unique item with its own particular, characteristic material.

However, besides all the individuality, they all have one thing in common: intellego holzspiele only delivers games that meet our high quality and safety standards.