The challenging butterfly game!

for 2 players of 8 years or older

Beech wooden board game, 29 cm x 29 cm, 2 x 12 counters made from two different lumbers, e.g. acacia, maple

Beech wooden board game, 29 cm x 29 cm,
2 x 12 maple wood counters, in two colors

Who’s made the curve? Once the route is clear to one circular path, and the opponent’s counter has made the runout after completing the curve, the chase can really begin! Now each player travels via at least one circular path.

The time taken to clear the start makes no difference. Piece by piece, each player must take control of the opponent’s counters. Any player in a continuous loop circling the butterfly’s four wings is in a strategic position. The player now controls any opposing counters in his path: a winning position that’s tough to beat!

The aim is to defeat all the opponent’s counters. Starting with cautious moves from one path to the next (to open an attack route inside the circle), the game rapidly gains momentum – one player soon takes control of the opponent’s counter...

SURAKARTA is a popular game in Indonesia, where everyone loves to play on the beach making simple marks on the white sands. You will also be inspired with enthusiasm for this timeless game. SURAKARTA is manufactured in Germany with beautiful craftsmanship.