The SUDOKU for two players.

a game board from high-quality beech
wood, 29 x 29 cm, with 9 x 9 recessed squares

72 double-sided Sudoku counters from
natural maple with black and red numbers

9 colored maple Sudoku counters with
golden numbers for the shared game area

15 colored maple Sudoku counters
without numbers to mark impossible squares

MOYO is a real SUDOKU game, not only a puzzle. Two players in one SUDOKU competition! Who will be the winner?

Each player gets four of the nine fields. The remaining field is a shared area in which both players put counters at the beginning of the game.

Then each player fills his own area with black or red numbers respectively. In accordance with the Sudoku rules: in each field, row, and column, a number must only be placed once.

However, both players try to block their opponent as best as possible. If a player places a number, the opponent cannot place this number in his area in the same row!

The player to place the last Sudoku counter wins the game!
This game requires players to keep track of the game while keeping calm in case a player’s strategy is foiled.

Each game is manufactured from selected woods in Germany. The characteristic peculiarity of the wood makes each game a unique item.

Game by: Günter Cornett
Design: intellego holzspiele