Wheel Mill - The Wooden Board Game

Nominated for the games award:
Das Goldene Schaukelpferd 2008
Wheel Mill

a circular game board from high-quality beech wood, diameter 22.5 cm, 9 recessed spaces,6 colored wooden tokens, cotton bag to keep the tokens.

This game lets you travel back in time to meet the Roman legionnaires. Nine Men’s Morris or Mill is one of the world’s oldest board games. During excavations near former Roman border fortifications, archaeologists have discovered several variants of Nine Men’s Morris. One of these variants is Wheel Mill, a popular pastime among Roman legionnaires, who enjoyed playing the game more than 2000 years ago.

How do you play this special game? Each player gets three tokens of one color. In the beginning of the game both players take turns placing their tokens on the game board. When all tokens have been placed, they are moved in turn along the lines to the next adjacent empty space. It is not allowed to jump over tokens or to sit out a turn. The game ends when one player has created a “mill” i.e. a row of three tokens including the central space.

The warm beech wood gives the game a special look and feel. The big maple tokens are very easy to grip. Its natural character and grain make this board game a unique attraction for just about every player.

Wheel Mill, a well-crafted board game manufactured in Germany by intellego holzspiele, will definitely be an eye-catcher in your living room.