A game for life.
beech wooden board playable on both
sides, 22.5 x 22.5 cm,
2 x 16 tokens made from high-quality
natural walnut and maple wood, painted.

birch wooden board, playable on both
sides, 22.5 x 22.5 cm,
2 x 16 maple tokens in red and green.
Entertaining classics in precious design. Goodbye cardboard. Today, board games are made of precious wood only – at least that’s the case with the board games produced by the Munich publishing house intellego holzspiele. QUADLINO is a perfect example for this. At the least, this strategy game is as exiting as backgammon and checkers but is a lot more impressive than its fragile counterparts, which are mostly made of cardboard.

The board is made of beech wood whereas the tokens are made from pale maple and dark walnut wood. Lines, milled into the board, carved-out token slots and purist, easy-to-grip cylindrical tokens, give a unique look and feel to the game.

Due to the warm wood and its high-quality workmanship, QUADLINO will be an eyecatcher on your sideboard or mantel. Each game is manufactured in Germany and made of selected woods. The good thing is that each tree looks different and holds its own story of growth and life. Therefore, each wooden game board is unique in its particular material characteristics. But despite all individuality, all games by intellego holzspiele have to meet our high quality standards before being delivered.

The logical simplicity of the game is another feature that characterizes QUADLINO. There is but one rule: Who succeeds in getting four tokens in a row, wins the game. You can challenge your opponent anywhere. Be it at the dining table or deckchair…the elaborate slots in the board guarantee for a firm position of the tokens. And players, who cannot live without the classics, can turn around the board and play good old NINE MEN’S MORRIS. However, in a modern wave-design, so you won’t get bored.