Beech wooden board and maple
counters as far as the eye can see.

Beech wooden board,
49 x 49 cm, 16 x 16 squares, 256 natural-colored double-sided Sudoku counters made of maple
The game for professionals. Introductory explanations concerning the SUDOKU rules are not needed here. Those, ready for the challenge, know what they can expect. SUDOKU at its best. Usually, the puzzle cannot be solved on one day. Just like a precious chess game it can remain in the living room and will definitely be the one attraction for all visitors. But only the master is allowed to play.

On a square, to-quality, beech wooden game board of just about 50 cm length, 256 counters can be put into accurately carved-out positions.

Like all other wooden SUDOKU puzzles by intellego holzspiele, MEGA SUDOKU features the fine and precious design of top-quality beech wood, too. The surface reflects the natural growth of the tree. Each board is a unique item not to be found a second time in identical condition.

In order to play, you use double-sided counters made of maple wood. Just like a small army, the counters are perfectly in file. The big Sudoku counters are perfectly easy to grip. They can be smoothly exchanged until the demanding puzzle is solved and they fit easily into their new circular slots on the board. The white color of the counters goes great with the pleasant warm color of the beech wood.

MEGA SUDOKU is delivered with some puzzles, that can be immediately tested. A real challenge for professionals.