Beech wooden board, 22.5 x 22.5 cm,
14 maple dice in white and black,
25 mm edge length

Dice and yet no game of chance

A different dice game. No lucky dice here, as they are used as tokens in this game. The special thing about the game is, that in order to move the dice forward, they are tilted over their edges. There are two game variants: In the first variant, a player’s dice must reach the opposite end of the board first. If two dice of the opposing players are colliding, the dice showing the lower number has to be removed from the board. The second game variant resembles Halma but is more demanding. Players can hop their dice over any other dice in a straight line attempting to get as many of their own dice as possible to the opposite baseline of the board. The game ends if one player manages to completely occupy the other player’s baseline. However, the player who first manages to do so, needn’t be the winner of the game! The winner is determined by adding up each player’s eye number of dice already on the opposite baseline. Though players will need to make some minor tactical considerations during play, CUBLINO is definitely a great fun to play game. It is a family game for adults and children of 5 years and older. CUBLINO’s elaborate design features slots for the dice and optimized edges for a smooth gaming experience.

CUBLINO is fun. Dr. Thole, Head of Deutsches Spielearchiv, about the game:

„CUBLINO plays really well and can be absolutely recommended to aficionados of tactical two-player games.“