The blockade game

for 2-4 players of 7 years or older

CENTRO color

Beautifully finished, high quality beech wood board, 29 cm x 29cm 4 x 3 maple tokens in yellow, red, blue and green,
4 naturally coloured acacia blockade
tokens, 1 dice, 25 mm

CENTRO classic

Beautifully finished, high quality beech wood board, 29 cm x 29cm 4 x 3 naturally coloured tokens made from woods such as acacia, pear, larch or maple 4 coloured maple blockade tokens,1 maple dice, 25 mm

Blockade games have their own particular appeal. We encounter obstacles in every-day life and obstacles also slow us down in this game. However, once the obstacles have been cleared, we can continue to make progress.

CENTRO has a clear, concentric structure. Players are drawn towards the centre as if by magic. There can only be one winner of the race to the middle and the way there is riddled with blockades. If players are lucky enough, they can clear these obstacles. When a player encounters a blockade, they can relocate it in order to secure the path behind them. Whoever reaches the centre first wins the game.

CENTRO is a game with clear, simple rules. Despite this, however, play is usually far from being clinical and unemotional. It can get very heated as time runs out for both players towards the end of the game...

This game is also hand-made to the highest standards of quality. Specialist small firms in Germany craft the boards from beech wood and the tokens from other fine woods. The tokens retain their natural colouring and have their own distinctive textures and characteristics.